Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Camp Blue Sky 2016

Another great weekend put on by Blue Sky Gallery.

Friday was Wet!!!

Could not believe this tree can survive but looks pretty healthy

Saturday was dry and sunny.  Chance to wander around.  Early morning fog over the Salmon River and Westwind's facilities.

Liked the light and symmetry of the waves.

Late afternoon light as the sun set and the dune grass lit up.

 The dunes added beautiful shadowing to the light.  Only problem is that in all our wanderings avoiding footprints became difficult.

Sunday and a series of details to come.

Monday, September 26, 2016

First attempt at shooting the Milky Way

Spent the weekend at the coast.  North of Lincoln City and South of Cascade Head.  Wanted to shoot a Milky Way image with the rocky coast line.  Scouted out the area earlier and after dark, headed down to the beach.  This is my first exposure.  Still some twilight to the right of the image.  The glow in the sky to the left is the light pollution from Lincoln City.

 One of the ideas I had was to light paint the cliffs, rocks and beach in each shot.
Using an LED flashlight and adding a warming gel, not enough as you can see, I tried to make the scene look a little like daylight.  Need to work on this one.
 Realized that the wind was blowing the grass around thus making it blurry, so I recomposed the shot and made this one.

 After an hour or so, I decided I had enough.  As a last attempt at light painting, I put an amber gel on the LED flashlight for this effect.

Note how the Milky Way has moved from left to right.  I could not actually see the Milky Way due to the light pollution from Lincoln City.  I initially guessed at its location and from there let it happen.