Road trip with Jerry Short

Decided to wander around Southwest Washington for the day. Kind of a Lewis and Clark adventure to Cape Disappointment.  It was!  However the journey to the Cape was fun and we took lots of photos. Jerry Short shared the adventure and photo opportunities. Here are a few of mine.

We decided to up a road off of Highway 4 that said it was one lane unimproved.  Found this home with a beautiful garden surrounding it.  Looks improved to me.
 Fresh blades of grass.
Jerry taking a shot of some moss covered pilings.
 Some of the many pilings in the area.
More pilings
 Jerry seeing something different.
 Low tide moss covered rock.
 New fern frond growth was fascinating as always.

 Cape Disappointment Lighthouse was closed for much needed repairs.  Begged for a Black n White conversion.


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